For years the staff of the Soliani Scutellari municipal kindergarten in Brescello has been called to share, through training, conferences, conventions and various initiatives , their experience in the field educational. The close link established with a very peculiar territory such as that of the floodplain , certainly not common or uniformly widespread on the Italian territory, does not exclude the possibility, for all schools, nests and educators concerned, of being able to acquire the practice declining it on its own environmental context.

The peculiarity of the floodplain experience makes it a universally valid example . In fact, in the daily educational practice each one is confronted with similar prejudices, fears and habits. Being outdoors is often perceived as a risk. Natural environments, in their identity as public spaces, of which therefore girls and boys can claim presence and possession, are considered "dangerous", when they are not completely redefined by adults and by their - not always coherent - conception of childhood.

"Going out" has allowed us to refine our gaze, to be more attentive to the often silent questions and searches that children do . It allowed us to discover that outside there are places that respect the different subjectivities and that offer the opportunity to manifest personal characteristics otherwise unknown or little known . In nature, the child explorer, researcher and inventor emerges.

Se siete interessati a conoscere meglio questa esperienza, visitandone gli spazi, conoscendone l’ispirazione pedagogica e filosofica, approfondendo la quotidiana pratica educativa svolta insieme a bambine e bambini, contattateci per avere informazioni su costi, tempistiche, modalità. L’Associazione Progettinfanzia Bassa Reggiana si occupa di organizzare percorsi formativi on line e in presenza, sul tema dell’educazione in natura e su molti altri aspetti educativi.


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