In Brescello , in the province of Reggio Emilia, the river Po flows, which in Italy has some of the most extensive examples of floodplains. Many floodplain areas are planted with poplar groves, in an extremely characteristic landscape of these lands. L floodplain is a very large area that has the course of the Po river and the banks that protect countries from floods as natural boundaries. It has both anthropized and wild areas and a great variety of local flora and fauna.
This place has allowed us to rediscover the right of boys and girls to stay out , to access a multiplicity of sensory, motor and social learning and experiences that cannot be renounced . To cultivate feelings of closeness to nature together with an ecological mentality that recognizes the strong connections between all living beings, while developing imagination, curiosity and creativity.
The natural environment is an interlocutor capable of activating plots of knowledge and knowledge and of suggesting new meanings towards a more complex and complete planning also from an ecological point of view. Listening to what the place tells and giving voice to what it brings about in us is an essential aspect of eco-sustainability; listening to a space with the senses, emotions, and thoughts is a fundamental step to start processes of co-responsibility and belonging to the places of our territory.

The research represents one of the essential dimensions of life of children and adults, a cognitive tension that must be recognized and valued. Research shared between adults and children is primarily a daily routine, an attitude existential and ethical necessary to interpret the complexity of the world, phenomena, systems of coexistence and is a powerful tool for renewal in education. Research, made visible through documentation, builds learning, reformulates knowledge, founds professional quality, proposes itself at national and international level as an element of pedagogical innovation.

The floodplain is a public space , and as such is an example of how girls and boys have the right to live and make their own places, in a democratic and osmotic process of mutual definition .

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